Our professionals will cater to your utmost satisfaction. If you like one particular brand or model of heating and cooling equipment, we’ll install it. If you have a specific service request, we’ll honor it. If you need more time to decide on a system, we’ll give you as much as you need. Our team will answer all of your questions and provide you with the knowledge to elevate the comfort of your home or business.

Elevated Heating Installations:

Installing a new furnace or heat pump impacts your time, your home and your finances. Our goal at Elevated Air is to make that experience a more comfortable one. So we take measures such as joining the Rheem Dealer program, to give you excellent deals on new systems. And we protect you from repair costs down the road with a quality installation, 25- point start up test, and installation checklist. Lastly, we respect your time by setting appointments around your schedule, not ours, and we take into account any special requests from you before we get to work.

Elevated Cooling Installations:

Elevated Air is constantly on the lookout for ways to make your next AC installation experience the best one yet. One way we’ve done this is by letting our clients help with the play by play for their installation. We will review the step by step tasks for installation along with a timeline. We take direction from you, which access point would you like us to use, if gates need to remain shut for pets, or if noise must kept to a minimum due to a sleeping baby. The possibilities are endless which gives our customers the freedom to have the installation experience they want. Our install technicians are friendly and well trained to provide the perfect installation for reliability and longevity. With photo documented start up and installation completions checklist you can be sure you received a quality installation.


For a free proposal on a new quality installation from Elevated Air Heating and Cooling, call or text 406.890.8531