Why is Your Heat Pump / AC Tripping Your Circuit Breaker?

It’s never a good thing to have an appliance trip your circuit breaker, but having your heat pump or Air conditioner cause difficulties that disturb your home comfort is on Elevated Air’s list of “Bad Things.” If your heat pump / Air Conditioner is tripping your circuit breaker, it could mean you need a heat pump repair.

Elevated Air heating and cooling can help you find out what the exact problem is, but here are a few things we commonly see: overworked heat pumps and air conditioners, short circuits, wiring problems, fan obstructions and compressor malfunctions. No matter what is going on with your heat pump, if your circuit breaker is tripping, you must call in a professional.

Overworked Heat Pump and Air Conditioner

Heat pumps and Air Conditioners become overworked for many different reasons, but they’re typically preventable. Dirty air filters or outside units and blocked or closed vents are often to blame—and those problems can be easily identified and remedied during a preventive maintenance visit. If those aren’t the reason for your heat pump / AC trouble, Elevated Air can help you out by executing a heat pump repair.

Short Circuits

If you have a short circuit in your heat pump / AC, it will trip the breaker instantly when you turn it on. If you suspect you have a short circuit in your heat pump or Air Conditioner, contact Elevated Air Heating and Cooling right away for a heat pump repair. Short circuits can be very unsafe, causing fires or other serious damages.

Wiring Problems

Faulty installation or loose connections can cause your heat pump to short circuit and trip your circuit breaker. No matter how they got that way, loose wires can trigger your heat pump to overheat and trip your circuit. Your Elevated Air Heating and Cooling technician can find and tighten any loose connections and keep your heat pump operating safely.

Fan Obstructions

If the fan motor of your outdoor unit locks up, it might trip your circuit breaker. Sometimes this fan, which circulates air over refrigerant coils, will become congested or malfunction and could cause your circuit breaker to trip.

Compressor Malfunctions

If your compressor is older or starts to malfunction, it could trip your circuit breaker. This takes place when the compressor tries to pull in too much current to start itself up.If your circuit breaker is tripping, give

Elevated Air Heating and Cooling a call at 406.890.8531 right away. It’s important that you keep your Flathead Valley home and family safe and comfortable.


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